In Shizuoka Prefecture, aiming to promote the integration of the food-related industry has been promoting the food science Hills Project.

Strategy 2 ~Product Development

Activities include the development of products using functional materials, transfer to businesses of seeds created using national and other large-scale research and development funding , and development of new food processing equipment and processing technologies by introducing technologies from other fields.

Product Development Support

Food Development Subsidy Projects

Subsidies for a portion of business expenses are being provided to small and medium-sized businesses and agricultural, forestry, and fishery businesses in  the prefecture that conduct prototype development and demonstration trials in order to commercialize high added-value food products using regional resources.

Food Research and Development Studies

This study group consists of food-related businesses and other organizations. It was established with the aim of developing new food products based on collaboration among businesses.


seminerSeminars useful to product development are held and project results, including case studies of undertakings by local businesses, are announced.



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