In Shizuoka Prefecture, aiming to promote the integration of the food-related industry has been promoting the food science Hills Project.

Strategy 1 ~Research and Development

Collaboration among industry, academia, and government is being used to raise the levels of production technologies for local products, promote research on functionality, and create the high-quality seeds that will be essential for creating high added-value products and differentiating Shizuoka from other regions.

Collaboration with Universities

University of Shizuoka

sizuokadaigakuResearch and educational and informative programs for local residents are being conducted on “Pharma-Food Research,” “Tea Science Research,” and “Food and Environment Research” with the aim of promoting regional industry.

Shizuoka University

Research on growing medicinal herbs and plant resistance (tolerance) and development of nematode repellent materials are being conducted.


Tokai University

Research is being conducted on land-based cultivation of fish using subterranean water from the Miho region.

Collaboration with Prefectural Testing and Research Institutions

1001・Industrial Research Institute of Shizuoka Prefecure
・Agriculture and Forestry Research Institute of Shizuoka Prefecture
・Fishery Research Institute of Shizuoka Prefecture
・Animal Industry Research Institute of Shizuoka Prefecture


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