In Shizuoka Prefecture, aiming to promote the integration of the food-related industry has been promoting the food science Hills Project.

Shizuoka Triangle Research Cluster

Taking advantage of the special features of its regional resources and industrial infrastructure, Shizuoka Prefecture is promoting three industrial clusters: Pharma Valley in the eastern part of the prefecture, Food Science Hills in the central part, and Photon Valley in the western part.
Collectively these three projects are known as the Shizuoka Triangle Research Cluster. The objective is to concentrate and create next-generation industries.


FOOD SCIENCE HILLS: Project to concentrate food product-related industries
→ Creating new functional food products though the fusion of pharmaceuticals and food.

PHARMA VALLEY: Project to concentrate advanced health industries at the foot of Mt. Fuji
→ Shizuoka Prefecture is Shizuoka Prefecture is advancing the World’s average longevity.

PHOTON VALLEY: Project to concentrate optics- and electronics-related industries
→ Utilizing optics and electronic technologies to support next-generation medicine and industry.



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