In Shizuoka Prefecture, aiming to promote the integration of the food-related industry has been promoting the food science Hills Project.


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Output of the Food Development Subsidy Projects

Subsidies are provided for a portion of business expenses for prototype development and demonstration trials conducted to commercialize high added-value foods and other products.

Bari Katsuo-kun (FY 2013)

barikatu-imgBonito chips flavored with Wasabi
The flavor of the sharp and spicy wasabi and the smooth taste of mayonnaise create a delicious combination. These bonito chips were eveloped jointly with students from the Hosei University to expand consumption among children.

Developers: Sealuck Co., Ltd.

Kobat-kun (FY 2012)

buatCheese manufacturing machine
Ideal for making original cheeses using a cheese manufacturing device for small-lot production. This machine for making small batches of cheese (starting at 35 liters of milk) can be used to make cheeses of various types and flavors, including soft cheeses for cooking and hard cheeses for hors d’oeuvres.

Developers: Taiseikisetsu Co., Ltd.

AMANE Melon Nectar (FY 2011)

meron1Jam made from high-quality musk melons
The odor that occurs during processing, a longstanding problem, was successfully controlled, and an odorless melon jam made from real melons was created. The jam condenses the flavor and fragrance of high-quality musk melons.

Developers: Hinon Nogyo Co., Ltd.

Output of the Food Research and Development Studies

Companies mainly in the food product industry collaborated with university and other research institutes, industry-support organizations, and Shizuoka Prefecture, Shizuoka City, Shimada City, Yaizu City, Fujieda City, and Makinohara City.
Products were created by the Food Research and Development Studies with the aim of developing, producing, and selling high added-value products that use regional resources.

Kachidoki Genkotsu and Konohanasakuya Hime Shiruko (FY 2014)

Japanese-style dessert made from specialty products of Shizuoka Prefecture

katidoki◆ Kachidoki Genkotsu
Traditional gengotsu confection from Shizuoka Prefecture made from tea powder kneaded with Japanese gelatin and starch syrup.

siruko◆ Konohanasakuya Hme Shiruko
Green tea and oolong tea flavored one-cup porridge prepared simply by adding boiling water; convenient for a variety of settings.
Mochizuki Chaame Honpo Co., Ltd.
Harada Tea Processing Co., Ltd.
Laurier Tokiwaya Co., Ltd.

Pai-mo and Purple Sweet Potato Yokan (FY 2013)

Some unique products created by collaboration between Fujieda City in Shizuoka Prefecture and Miyakojima City in Okinawa.

◆ Pai-mo
Combines the crispiness of a pie crust with the sweetness of sweet potato and strawberry jam to create a delicate flavor.

◆ Purple Sweet Potato Yokan
Mild sweetness in a single serving packed in an aluminum pack.
Seiko Engineering Co., Ltd.
Kashiharu Co., Ltd.
Suzudai Shoten Co., Ltd.

Research products of the Local Collective Research Development Program

The “From Shizuoka to the world: research and development of generation bottled tea drinks and tea extracts” program developed jointly bi Shizuoka Prefecture and City was adopted as the Local Collective Research Development Program of Japan Science and Technology Agency.
Starting in FY 2014, these activities have been directed toward the commercialization and marketing of the results of R&D.

White leaf tea

bijinHigh-quality tea with a higher level of umami flavor components
Prior to harvesting the first leaves, they are exposed to strong light, which turns the new leaves white. This high-quality tea has three times the amino acids (flavor components) of ordinary tea.

Highly aromatic tea

Tea characterized by a flower-like scent
Technology was developed to enhance the faintly sweet flowery and fruity scent. Various types of aromatic green tea are being developed using this technology.


teahuComposition of black tea expected to have various health effects
Theaflavin is a red pigment (polyphenol) component included in black tea. Theaflavin has physiolaogical functions, and technology for its breakdown and refinement have been established.

Research products of the Cooperation for Innovative Technology and Advanced Research in CITY AREA Program

Research and development was conducted with the aim of overcoming lifestyle-related diseases caused by physical and mental stress through the Cooperation for Innovative Technology and Advanced Research in Evolutional Areas project of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology over six years starting in FY 2002.

GABA chocolate

Emergence of a new market for stress-relief food products
Research is being conducted at the University of Shizuoka on the effect of GABA in relieving stress, and products utilizing the results of this research have been put on the market one after the other.

University of Shizuoka
Pharma Foods Intermational Co., Ltd.

Pet food with bonito ovarian extract

Stress-relief food for pet
Technology to extract bonito ovarian lipidl, a byproduct of dried bonit and canned tuna, was established, and stress reduction effects were observed. This fish oil is used in cat food.

Industrial Research Institute of Shizuoka Prefecture
Maruhachi Muramatsu, Inc.
Sanyo Shokuhin Co., Ltd.

Research Products of Interregional Cooperation

Industrial exchange through public- and private-sector collaboration was conducted with businesses in destinations served by Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport, including Hokkaido and Kagoshima Prefecture.

Collaboration between Shizuoka materials and technologies and Hokkaido materials

Matcha Au Lait H&S and Adzuki Au Lait H&S

Matcha Au Lait H&S is a powdered beverage containing betain extracted from Shizuoka powdered tea and Hokkaido Tokachi sugar beets.
Adzuki Au Lait H&S is a powdered beverage containing tuna collagen from Shizuoka Prefecture and Tokachi soybean polyphenol.

Matcha Au Lait Rusk

Matcha Au Lait Rusk using Matcha Au Lait H&S was also commercialized.

Project supervisors:
Tokachi Foundation
Shizuoka Industrial Foundation

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