In Shizuoka Prefecture, aiming to promote the integration of the food-related industry has been promoting the food science Hills Project.
  • The Promotion of research and development
  • The Development of Such as High Added Valu Foods
  • The Reinforcement of Marketing Strategies Sales Strategies
  • The Development of Human Resources for Food Relaed Industries
  • The Dissemination of Food Information

About us

The Food Science Center was established in April 2009 in order to promote collaboration among food-related industries. It is located in central Shizuoka Prefecture’s Chubu region, home to many food-related businesses, universities, and research institutions that are important contributors to the food industry and life sciences. By promoting safe and trusted food products that utilize the region’s abundant resources, the Food Science Center works to implement the Food Science Hills Project’s Strategic Plan and encourage healthy lifestyles for the residents of Shizuoka Prefecture.


  • Director: Mr. Tomohiro HORIKAWA
  • Project promotion division: 7 staff members and 3 coordinators


Business Contents and Functions

1. Food Science Hills Project

  • Food science seminars
  • Consultation
  • Support for participation in exhibitions, etc.
  • Coordination activities
  • Reinforcement project functions

2. High Added Value Food Development Promotion Projects

  • Food Development Subsidy Projects
  • Food Research and Development Studies

3. Industrial Human Resource Development Projects

  • Comprehensive food science course

4. Local Collactive Research Development Program

5. Others

  • Public relations activities



Food Science Center,
Shizuoka Industrial Foundation

44-1, Otemachi, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture 420-0853, Japan

15-minute walk or four-minute taxi ride from JR Shizuoka Station
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